At CrossFit 31 we design your training program for you, instruct and coach you through every movement and exercise, providing support throughout every class, including scaling workouts to suit every individual. We offer nutrition advice food logs and guides to keep you inline and educated on what you should or should not be putting on your plate, to ensure maximum success when reaching for your goals, all of which is included in CrossFit 31 membership.

    Our group classes are the equivalent of semi-personal training at a fraction of the price of personal training, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals…and if you commit you will achieve fitness beyond expectation. what are your expectations? SIGN UP FOR A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

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    If you’re new to CrossFit or the gym environment, we suggest checking out Base Fitness – our new program of strength and conditioning classes that build confidence in working out and improve core strength and burn fat fast! Join us for your first class completely free of charge.